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First impressions matter and ensuring your business facilities look the part is an integral part of creating a professional business. Our services include cleaning windows, walls of any texture, roof tiles, cladding, block paving, paths, gutters, and graffiti removal. Our Exterior cleaning service is unique because as well as cleaning different building exteriors, we simultaneously consider environmental care, architecture preservation, and aesthetics.

We understand buildings are constructed from a wide range and variations of materials, cladding, shapes, and sizes so choosing the right team to manage your exterior cleaning plays a vital part in maintaining an appealing appearance and prolonging the building’s lifespan. From an initial survey to the careful planning and co-ordinating of on-site resources, our teams’ primary goals are to create a well-maintained exterior that retains your brand image and gives the right impression of your business to your customers and employees.

A clean exterior not only looks good it has other advantages such as more sunlight entering your building boosting productivity and remove the need for extra lighting and windows in your facilities. Dirt and grime can damage your windows by causing permanent cracks and stains over time; having your windows cleaned regularly will improve your windows’ longevity and reduce your maintenance costs.

“Fizzco Maintenance was tasked with the high-level exterior cleaning of our 5000 sq ft warehouse at Saxilby Enterprise Park. They have provided an excellent service; I was exceedingly happy with the result. They went above and beyond what I expected, and their down to earth approach made the whole process stress free.”

Richard Stamp

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