What is a spring clean?


A spring clean involves thoroughly cleaning the property from top to bottom and usually occurs at the beginning of Spring. The change of season inspires us to start fresh, creating a burst of productivity and desire for change that propels us into Spring cleaning action.


People often partake in this ritual by committing to a cleaning spree in their homes, but why not extend the productivity to your place of work? A simple re-organisation, discarding of unwanted items and thorough dusting is sure to get you in the cleaning spirit.


Spring clean your business


A Spring clean doesn’t have to be restricted to just the inside of your business. Taking care of your property shows both your customers and staff just how much you value and appreciate your business. When your business has a high standard of cleanliness throughout, your staff are happier in their work and tend to be much more productive.


Dirt and grime tend to build up over the Winter months. A thorough cleaning has many benefits to your business including improving health and safety standards, boosting morale and productivity in the workplace, and enticing new and potential customers to visit your establishment.


At Fizzco Maintenance we offer an all-access cleaning solution for those seemingly impossible locations. Our team can perform professional cleaning services using modern techniques including rope access and specialised machinery for high-level cleaning solutions.


Our extremely professional approach means we excel when performing cleaning services, whilst remaining on time and on budget.


Getting in touch

We offer tailored cleaning and maintenance packages to ensure your specific requirements are met. For more information about our services and how we can assist you with your spring-cleaning journey, get in touch with us via email at [email protected] or call us on 01427 666022.