Fizzco Maintenances first official job for 2021 was partnering with Plantscape. Plantscape is a civic floral display and planter provider. The job was based in Loughborough, around 40 miles from our offices. The new partnership, new team, new machine, and new job meant it was an exciting first job for Liam, Fizzco maintenance operations manager.

The job involved placing beautiful hanging baskets with a variety of flowers into varying structures throughout Loughborough. Liam explains, “I arrived on-site to an empty metal Christmas tree-type structure, on the branches of this tree goes the baskets, twenty-five on each. I immediately realise the machine I have is the right one, so I set it up and when the lads from Plantscape arrive, and we crack on”.

Each structure took around one hour to complete, and there were five different structures spread through the Loughborough high street. Overall, the job was a brilliant success, and we look forward to growing our partnership with Plantscape.