Our business story starts in 2007 on a Christmas tree farm in rural Lincolnshire.

Our story starts in rural Lincolnshire on a Christmas tree farm. Fizzco was created based on the thought that if we are selling Christmas trees, people will need decorations. We set up a small local retail shop to complement the Christmas trees before creating an online business platform that started supplying seasonal decoration products to retail and business customers through website and telephone sales.

The growth of the business led to the diversification of our product offering, and we now trade within three market segments, ensuring no one misses out on a Fizzco Christmas. Fizzco’s trading and the commercial community continues to grow year on year with many loyal customers and great partnerships. Our e-commerce and retail site specialises in supplying high quality, bespoke seasonal decorations right to the door. We are the UK’s Christmas specialist; no matter what Christmas item you require and when you want it, we can arrange it for you.

In 2013, we had our biggest change yet, shifting into a lighting and decoration installation service. This small but important installation in Lincoln set a precedent going forward. Fizzco Projects launched in 2014. Our expansion into offering a project management service was driven by horror stories of displays not installed on time, centres receiving poor value for money and display providers not living up to expectations. So, we decided to do something about it. Our plan is simple – to strip the process right back to basics with a strong focus on delivering original decorative concepts and a promise to provide you with greater decoration coverage.

In 2016 we had our first job of high-level cleaning. One of our Christmas installation customers asked us if we could clean the exterior of their shopping centre as they were dissatisfied with their current supplier. We had the skills, resources, and equipment, so we thought, why not!

As a flourishing business, it was time to grow our family; 2017 saw several key members of staff, including new project managers, designers, and decorators. Similarly, to 2018 we had outgrown our current facilities, so we expanded storage solutions by renting a 5,000 square foot warehouse. Sometimes even Santa needs to expand his workshop. It was time to consolidate facilities under one roof; investing in a 10,000 square foot warehouse just outside Lincoln allowed for merging resources. All stock and staff are now all together. Our business grew even more in 2020, Acquiring another 5,000 square metre warehouse which now features our year-round showroom. Our team grew by an additional 5 members, and we made it through a year that will go down in history.

Due to the uncertainty in 2020, as a team, we decided we would look at diversity to address and reduce some of the risks of being a seasonal business. So, after a few cups of coffee and an enthusiastic, creative team meeting, Fizzco Maintenance was officially born, and plans were set in motion to launch our new business venture.

And in 2021, we officially launched our new website for Fizzco Maintenance in April.