Our Services

High Level Cleaning

Many commercial businesses are of a scale that require a specialised high-level cleaning service.  Our High-level cleaning services include cleaning of windows, cladding, brickwork, gutters, and roofs for commercial buildings of all shapes and sizes. At Fizzco Maintenance, we use various techniques and access equipment, meaning we utilize the most effective and efficient resources. After an initial site survey, we will provide you with a high-level cleaning project plan tailored to your needs.

Our high-level cleaning team are thoroughly trained and well equipped to execute any high- level cleaning task. Due to the nature of high-level cleaning and associated dangers, it is essential that staff have experience and licences to work with the types of machinery involved in accessing these types of areas. We work to strict health and safety guidelines, which ensures the safety of our staff and clients. We are successful through our professionalism, we never shy away from a problem, and most importantly, we enjoy our work and thrive when working with like-minded customers.

Exterior Cleaning

First impressions matter and ensuring your business facilities look the part is an integral part of creating a professional business. Our services include cleaning windows, walls of any texture, roof tiles, cladding, block paving, paths, gutters, and graffiti removal. We understand buildings are constructed from a wide range and variations of materials, shapes, and sizes so choosing the right team to manage your exterior cleaning plays a vital part in maintaining an appealing appearance and prolonging the building’s lifespan.

A clean exterior not only looks good it has other advantages such as more sunlight entering your building boosting productivity and remove the need for extra lighting and windows in your facilities. Dirt and grime can damage your windows by causing permanent cracks and stains over time; having your windows cleaned regularly will improve your windows’ longevity and reduce your maintenance costs.

Ground Maintenance

Fizzco Maintenance offer a bespoke ground maintenance service to commercial businesses throughout the Lincolnshire and Yorkshire Area. Our services provide our clients with a tailor-made solution to their ground maintenance. Whether the area is a large open space requiring only occasional maintenance or a fully landscaped area needing regular upkeep, we can help.

A ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution rarely works; instead, we will listen to each customer unique requirements and put together a bespoke ground’s maintenance package designed to meet their exact needs. We design, develop, plan, and maintain all landscape features including hedges, shrub beds, trees, and lawns. We provide commercial landscape maintenance and management solutions and service packages to suit each location individual needs. We can work to your exact specification or create a solution tailor-made to your requirements.

Site Maintenance Management Services.

Our site maintenance management service is a bespoke service offering ongoing facility management. We work collaboratively to create contracts to suit your needs, whether that is short or long term as well as one-off services. We understand the everyday pressure of running a business so let us take the stress away by managing your site maintenance for you. Our flexible contract service for ongoing site maintenance and management simplifies the process of site management giving you more time to focus on what really matters.

We apply a One to One, personalised account management approach. We understand that our customers’ requirements vary immensely; therefore, our dedicated project managers work vigorously to create